Avalanche Blade- Premium Blade

Welcome to our newest Signature Series Blade, The Avalanche

Latux is always looking to provide our customers with the best of the best, and looking for new ways to help our contractors to be more profitable, and that is why we came out with the Avalanche. It is a Signature Blade with a Value Price!

This is the first blade we designed specifically for the Hardscape Industry. From the Avalanche’s 12 Millimeter Segments, to the .125” thick Core, to the Hybrid Turbo Grooved Segments, this is a very special Blade.

We even offer this blade with a straight 20 Millimeter Arbor to fit ALL saws without need for an adapter.

You can cut Brick, Clay Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Bluestone, Flagstone, and even Granite Pavers.

Equipment: Grinder, High Speed Saw, Chop Saw, Table Saw, Low HP Walk Behind Saw


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