Hurricane Blades – Combo Supreme Blades

Our #1 Selling Blade for the last 12 years

No other blade on the market has the Patented design that allows for cutting of so many applications with the speed, endurance and consistency like the original Hurricane blade.

Whether you are a Masonry Contractor, Hardscape Contractor, Concrete Contractor or just a Contractor looking for the most cost-effective blade for the job.

This blade cuts it all; Brick, Block, Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Brick Pavers, Clay Pavers, Bluestone, Flagstone, and even Granite.
It’s truly one of its kind, and the most cost-effective blade in the Construction Industry!

If you have never tried the Hurricane Blade before, it is worth the investment to see why this blade is our #1 Selling blade year after year. Equipment: Grinder, High Speed Saw, Chop Saw, Table Saw, Low HP Walk Behind Saw




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