Hurricane Category 5- Ultra Supreme Blade

With its Signature Red and Black color, the New Hurricane Category 5 Blade is the 2nd Generation of our bestselling Hurricane Blade.

We simply took the best-selling formula of the original Hurricane Blade, and beefed it up, raising the segment height to a full 15 Millimeters, giving it 50% more life from the start. In addition, a Turbo Groove was added to make the blade cut nearly twice as fast.

This Category 5 is designed for cutting the materials such as Brick, Brick Pavers, Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Natural Stone, Bluestone, Flagstone, Travertine, and even Granite.

If you are looking for the ultimate Hurricane experience, step up to the Hurricane Category 5!

Equipment: High Speed Saw, Chop Saw, Table Saw



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LAT14HUR-5 (14” X .125” X 1-20MM X 10MM)


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