The Dog Days of Summer are here, and we are Heating up the deals to match the temperatures outside. This month we are adding our Early Entry Blades to our Anniversary Deal, and EVERY Early Entry blade comes with a Metal Skid Plate!


Buy (6) 14″ Category 5 Hurricanes, and get (1) LX Technology Blade FREE!


LATUX is Celebrating our 13th Anniversary all year long, and this is our gift to you-

Buy (12) Signature Series Blades OR Early Entry Blades WITH Metal Skid Plate and get (3) FREE!

Buy (12) 13.5″ Early Entry Blades (14″, 13.5″, 12″, 10″, 8″, 6″, 5″, or 5.5″) and get (3) FREE!

Buy (12) 14″ Tsunami Blades and get (3) FREE!

Buy (12) 14″ Hurricane Blades and get (3) FREE!

Buy (12) 14″ Cyclone Blades and get (3) FREE!

Buy (12) 14″ Avalanche Blades and get (3) FREE!

Buy (12) 14″ Earthquake Blades and get (3) FREE!


We put together a package with our most popular Hand Held Core Drill- the MultiQuip Cobra CDM1H:

Core Drill with a FULL SET of Core Bits- 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, AND 5″ Bits for ONLY $1,299!!
The Drill by itself lists at $699, and the bits list at over $1,500- a $2,199 value, DELIVERED for just $1,299!


You can get a Bosch Bulldog Extreme 1″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer WITH (1) Index Set of (7) Bits PLUS (1) Set of (5) Chisel Bits, including Bullpoint, Wide, & Tile, for a total of (12) Bits, for $449! That’s a savings of over $100!

If you need a BIGGER Rotor Hammer, we now have the Bosch SDS-Max RH1255VC – a 2″ Monster that is the most POWERFUL Drill they have. We are pairing this drill with YOUR CHOICE of (10) bits (sizes up to 1″ Diameter and 21-1/2″ Long) OR Chisels for JUST $1,599! Retail Value, depending on bit sizes ranges from $2,150-2,500! Save up to $1,000 with this package.

Check out the bit sizes here:


LATUX is introducing an Industry first subscription service for our Signature Series Blades. It is available from as little as (2) blades per month to (6) blades a month. The more you subscribe for, the quicker you get FREE Blades! When you sign up, your blades are automatically shipped and billed on the same day each month. You can pause or stop your subscription at any time. If you get the (2) blades per month, you get a free blade every (3) months, with a (4) blade subscription, get a free blade every OTHER month, and with a (6) blade subscription, get a free blade EVERY month!

Don’t forget we carry all LENOX products, SDS PLUS/MAX Bits, ICS Chains & Bars, and all your Parts needs from Air Filters to Honda Motors!

These Promotions are good through 5:00 PM EST 8/31/17 with code DOGDAYS17

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