This month America Celebrates its Birthday, and we are offering you the Presents! Here are some firecracker deals to save you some serious money this summer, as well as introducing a NEW Signature Series Blade:


Buy (6) 14″ Category 5 Hurricanes, and get (1) LX Technology Blade FREE!

Buy (6) 14″ Tsunami Blades and get (1) LX Technology Blade FREE!

Buy (6) 14″ Hurricane Blades , and get (1) Category 5 Hurricane FREE!

Buy (6) 14″ Cyclone Blades, and get (1) Hurricane Blade FREE!

Buy (6) 14″ Avalanche Blades, and get (1) Hurricane Blade FREE!

Buy (6) 14″ Blackout Blades , and get (1) Cyclone or Avalanche Blade FREE!

Buy (6) 14″ Earthquake Blades , and get (1) Cyclone or Avalanche Blade FREE!

After months of testing with contractors in our local area, we have decided to replace our previous Value Priced blade, the Earthquake, with this new blade.

It is Laser Welded, Dry or Wet cutting, has a Jumbo 14MM Diamond Segment height, Deep Cut Segments for cooling, and Hybrid Turbo Grooves in the segments. It comes in either a 1″ arbor OR a Straight 20 MM Arbor to fit on Stihl Saws without an adapter!

We are planning for this Blade to sell next year in the $120-150 price range, but right now, to get the word out, we are offering it at JUST $89 each! There is a limit of (12) per order for now, and as a thank you, we will lock your price in for the next year- so when it goes up, you will still be able to get this introductory price!


We know many companies offer “FREE” Saws with a box of blades, but often we hear stories that the blades you get are just a hair better than Carbon Blades! Here we let you choose the blades you already love, and discount the saw to far below market price as a courtesy to our customers that realize there is NO SUCH THING as a Free Saw!

Buy a Box (12) of ANY of our Signature Series Blades (Hurricane, Category 5, Tsunami, Avalanche, Cyclone, or Earthquake), and get the Hand Held SAW OF YOUR CHOICE at 20% off- saving you HUNDREDS of dollars!

Buy a Half Box (6) and still get 10% Off!

New SDS-MAX Masonry Contractors Special!

We are offering a Bosch 11245EVS Rotary Hammer 2″ SDS-MAX (the biggest they make!) with a custom set of the most used Bits
and Chisels INCLUDING:

1/2″ X 21-1/2″, 5/8″ X 21-1/2″, 3/4″ X 21-1/2″, 7/8″ X 21-1/4″, 1″ X 21-1/4″, 1-1/4″ X 21-1/4″ Bits (Covering all Rebar Sizes from #2-#10)

16″ Bullpoint, 16″ Flat, 12″ Bent, AND 5/8″ Ground Rod Driver

Retail Value $2,780.63

Summer PROMOTION: $1,690!! Save OVER $1,100!


LATUX is introducing an Industry first subscription service for our Signature Series Blades. It is available from as little as (2) blades per month to (6) blades a month. The more you subscribe for, the quicker you get FREE Blades! When you sign up, your blades are automatically shipped and billed on the same day each month. You can pause or stop your subscription at any time. If you get the (2) blades per month, you get a free blade every (3) months, with a (4) blade subscription, get a free blade every OTHER month, and with a (6) blade subscription, get a free blade EVERY month!

Don’t forget we carry all LENOX products, SDS PLUS/ MAX Bits, ICS Chains & Bars, and all your parts needed from Air Filters to Honda Motors!

These Promotions are good through 5:00 PM EST 7/31/17 with code SUMMER17

Thank you for allowing us to be your #1 Source for Quality Tools AND Service!